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Company Efficiency Training

company effeciencyMany companies are taking advantage of efficiency training classes for their employees. Efficiency is basically getting a job done in as little time as possible with minimal energy output. This training can help you both at work, at home and elsewhere in life. Efficiency will speed things up and free up some time for yourself if it’s done correctly.

Time Management

One of the first topics discussed in efficiency training was time management. Learning to manage your time can carry over from work to home and back. Learning how to prioritize and delegate tasks can speed up your work production immensely. You don’t have to do everything, you can focus on your job and learn to let go of control on some things and let someone else handle those things.


When preparing for your day you can streamline your tasks if you think about how a typical day goes for you. You get up and brush your teeth, make lunch, decide what to wear etc. Instead of doing it this way, consider making your lunch the night before and laying out your clothes the night before. You will save at least 15 minutes to half an hour by streamlining your day in this fashion.

Track Your Progress

Many people choose to track their progress by journaling. Write down your daily tasks and look at your list and see if there are ways to streamline your day. Can you move things around to speed things up? Can you have someone else do something so that it can free you up to do other tasks? Keep a daily journal and see if you can see a pattern that slows you down in efficiency.


Any company efficiency is going to involve delegation. Have someone else take out the trash. Have someone else make the office coffee. You get the idea, you don’t have to do it all. You just have to focus on your responsibilities and tasks at hand.

Learn To Say No

A lot of time is spent in many companies trying to get someone else to do something. Be responsible and do your job. Say no to the other jobs that someone else is doing. You don’t have to be mean and nasty to do this, you can simply say, no. If they persist tell them you have to do your job.

Efficiency training is a great tool for any one to learn.


Use Staff Development To Increase Productivity And Profitability

increase productivity and profitability

Business demands that the professionals engaged in it have the required level of competency. Learning is a lifelong process, and is one of the key requirements for any continued success. Staff development is the process that allows people within an organization to acquire the necessary knowledge that will enable them to use their existing skills more effectively, while also learning new ones.

A staff development process can be considered effective if it maximizes the potential of staff members so that they become more efficient and productive. This can automatically help to increase bottom lines and make for good returns on the investment made in the staff development training process. Such training programs will also create value for the staff, boost their confidence level, and help to encourage them to give of their best when they perform the tasks allotted to them.

Staff development can be achieved through training sessions that can be within the organization, or by appointing external trainers. Internal training takes advantage of seniors and experienced persons within the organization to give of their knowledge and skills, so that it leads to increased efficiencies. A major advantage with internal trainers is that they are very close to the problems that need to be solved, have already developed mentoring skills with the persons they are training, and will deal with problems as they pertain to the organization.

External trainers bring in different perspectives, and are generally people who have experience in that particular industry. They are experts in their field and may have insights and experiences, that can be of use, when passed on to the persons they are training.

Training for staff development requires a number of areas to be touched on.

They are:

  • Communication skills
  • IT skills
  • Customer service
  • Ethics
  • Human relations
  • Quality management
  • Safety
  • Diversity

All these areas are constantly developing and changing, so any staff development has to be a continuous process that keeps staff updated with the latest techniques and skills in each of these areas.

Staff development has a number of benefits which the organization will have the advantage of, once such training becomes a regular feature. You are bound to find that morale among staff is better and people have more job satisfaction. Employees become better motivated, more efficient and are easily able to or are keen to look at newer ways of doing things. This leads to innovations, increased safety and above all an increase in productivity . Employee turnover is likely to reduce and customer satisfaction increase. All these things can have a big impact on profitability.


Why it is Important to Have a Good Work Life Balance and Tips to Foster One?

work-life-balanceDid you know that, you are at a high risk of developing heart related problems if you spend more than 3 to 4 hours of overtime every day at work? It is important to maintain a good work-life balance. Maintaining this is part of remaining healthy and stress free. This balance can help you to deal with major lifestyle problems like stress, anxiety, depression and even heart attack.

Do you have a hard time maintaining a proper work life balance? Well, there is a way you can always know if at some point you are putting too much energy on your work and neglecting other important areas of your life. You are having a poor work life balance if:

  • You are always working overtime.
  • You have started experiencing health issues due to overworking.
  • Your relationships are suffering due to spending too much time working.
  • You always want to go to work even if you are feeling sick.

Well, the good thing is, even if you realize that you have a problem maintaining a proper work life balance, something can be done to turn this around. Read the following tips on how to balance your work life and personal life.

  • Always set aside some time on weekends to spend time with your family. When you bond with your family and friends, they help you to recharge. Go for a movie or lunch date with the people you love and have some fun. You will have enough energy to embark on work the following day and become very productive.
  • Do not linger on negative things and people who will not add any value to your personal and career life. In order to maintain a good work life balance, you must focus on the things which will only drive positive energy in your life. Good relationships are built on positive thinking and not mere gossip and complaining.
  • You should also focus on those tasks which you enjoy doing. Do not concentrate on things which will simply drain out energy away from you. A good example is household chores. If you do not enjoy doing them then why should you spend so much time working on things which will just frustrate you especially if you can still afford to hire someone to do it on your behalf? Spare your energy for practical things which you enjoy to do if you want to maintain a good work life balance. This could be gardening or babysitting.
  • Do simple exercises to keep you reenergized at all times. This could be walking, running or even working out. Squeeze some of these exercise regimes into your busy schedule and you will be surprised at the role they play in making you a better person.

In summary, why should you set impractical goals for yourself yet you can make small changes which work perfectly to improve your work life balance? Start simple by leaving work early for at least a week then participating in only things you enjoy. Life has so much to offer and concentrating on one thing means you are losing out on many others.


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The Importance of a Good Work Life Balance Including Tips to Maintain One

work life balanceDid you know that, people who spend more time at work, ideally 3 to 4 hours of overtime every day, increase their risk of getting heart disease? A good work life balance is important for a number of reasons. To start with, you can avoid a number of health issues when you avoid overworking including stress, anxiety, heart attack, depression and coronary heart disease among others.

So how do you know whether someone is having a hard time maintaining a good work life balance?

Well, you can start by asking yourself these questions.

  1. Do you happen to do overtime often?
  2. Has your health suffered as a result of overworking?
  3. Have your relationships suffered due to overworking?
  4. Do you find yourself reluctant to be absent from work even when you are ill?

If you answered yes to a majority of these questions then you might be having trouble in gaining a good work life balance. Below are a few tips to help you bring a balance to your life and work routine.

  • Spare some time with friends and family: Family and friends always have a way of helping people to recharge. You can decide to go out with some friends like once every month then spend Sunday afternoons watching a movie with family. Spend quality time with people you love and you will be surprised at how productive the next working day will be.
  • Maintain positive activities and relationships which add value to your life: Another way to maintain a work life balance is by maintaining good relationships with people who will enhance your personal and career life. Avoid spending time with people with negative energy, those who vent so much and even practice idle gossip. These habits will reduce your efficiency significantly and you might never realize it.
  • Concentrate on errands or tasks which you enjoy: Do you really have to do all these errands which will drain your energy? For instance, why should you take part in household chores which are time consuming and hectic if you can afford to outsource them? You can instead use that time to practice gardening, babysitting or any other activity you enjoy as a way of maintaining a better work life balance.
  • Exercise, relax or simply take a walk: You might be too busy and you don’t get enough time to take part in a work out session. However, it is important to spare time to exercise even if you have a busy schedule. You will feel refreshed and re-energized every day.

To sum it all up, you should never make unrealistic goals in a bid to obtain a better work life balance. Start by incorporating small changes like leaving the office early once every week. You must also develop the habit of taking part in things which you enjoy. If you love taking a hot bath then do so whenever you feel like you need to recharge. At the end of the day, life has much to offer so make sure you choose wisely.


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