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Concrete Roof Tiles – A Brief History

concrete roof tilesTiles have been used to cover roofs for over 5,000 years but it is only relatively recently that concrete roof tiles have come into the market. Their history comes from around the world, starting in Bavaria in the 19th century. Some roofs made in this time still stand, giving unquestionable proof of the longevity of a concrete tiled roof.

These tiles were introduced to England, Holland and other European countries in the early 1900s, where it became common to add a coloured pigment to the tiles surface so that they imitated clay roofing. These were all made on hand operated machines. The first power-driven machines were developed in Denmark in the 1920s. This machine, called the Ringsted, moved cast-iron moulds under a dispenser that poured in the concrete mix. Shortly after this machine came to England, an engineer named William Powell invented a new machine that was a considerable improvement to the Danish one. in 1930, H. A. Wilkinson, who was managing his father’s tile factory in Surry, England, decided to remove all the remaining handwork the machines required and designed a more efficient one. Improvements continued to appear each year and the industry developed quickly.

82% of all roofs in Great Britain were made with concrete roof tiles by 1961, 60% in Australia and 30% in Germany. Recent estimates indicate that around 90% of all roofs in Europe and the South Pacific Basin have concrete tiles, with China, Japan and America percentages rising.

Monier has been Australia’s leading concrete roof tile brand for over 60 years. The current ‘reinforced’ tiles originated from Joseph Monier, who invented and patented a wire reinforcement system for his concrete flowerpots. This was taken up by a German company in 1885, who developed an entire system for reinforcing concrete. This was known as ‘Monierbuilt’, or ‘Das System Monier’. The Monier brand first arrived in Australia in 1901 by a German who set up a concrete pipe manufacturing company in the Darling Harbour, using the Monier patent. This company went through many changes and finally in 1936, the company Cement Linings Ltd was established. This was the foundation for the Monier Company. This changed to Monier Limited by 1979 and had set up many businesses working in the building and construction industry.

Concrete roof tiles  often cost more to install than other roofing options but considering their extremely long lifespan it is almost always worth the investment. Modern concrete mixing techniques allow the tiles to fit various style requirements and can be made almost any colour. Thanks to all the improvements along the timeline concrete tiles now look spectacular and last a lifetime. They are well worth installing on your roof.


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How to Choose the Best Pest Control Company?

pest-controlWhen it comes to effective pest control, it is usually encouraged to find a company that has the expertise and qualifications to effectively control the pests. Most products used in controlling pests are usually very dangerous and require professional input in using them effectively. This is especially if you need to get rid of large populations of pests of which you cannot easily do using hand held poisoned sprays. You need to consider the following when choosing a pest control company:

  • Licensing is essential to a company. Pesticide can be poisonous and even lead to death if not used adequately. Hiring a company that is not properly licensed means that they are not properly qualified to do the job and they may end up putting your life in danger in the long run. Therefore, ensure that the company has been mandated by the state or the region to carry out services in the control of pests. Having any other certification or being part of any pest control association is also an added qualification to the resume of the company.
  • Word of mouth is usually an essential way to come across great companies that offer very satisfactory services. This is why it is usually advisable to find out from friends and family about some of the pest control companies that they have hired and received effective services from. They well constitute a satisfied clientele group from which you can get testimonials from. You may find a trend in a single company that receives a lot of recommendations.
  • Now considering the dangers involved in pest control, liability insurance is an essential part of the service delivery process. Therefore, you can short list the companies by the number of those who have contractor liability insurance. In case of any accidents, damages or losses that occur during fumigation of space treatment, the insurance company can handle the finance of the entire issue. Choosing a company with liability insurance is a way of protecting yourself against any liabilities as well as guaranteeing your own compensation in case of any problems.
  • Once you have set your eyes on a compact list of pest control companies, you can begin to carry out one-on-one interviews with contractors from the pest control companies. These interviews are usually to find out the various rates and the solutions that the professionals will offer for your pest control problems. Professionals will advise you on the various ways through which the pests can be eliminated from your environment. You can tell a great contractor by the kinds of reasonable solutions they come up with which guarantee effectively getting rid of the pests without causing much disturbance to your own comfort.

Encouraging healthy competition among various pest control companies is a great way to get the best man on the job. This is especially so if you have large projects, you can have the shortlisted companies bidding for the job and you can rely on the fact that the best company will put its best foot forward.


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