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A Geological Map Briefly Explained

Geological maps are not the ordinary ones seen in different places. It does not show roads, landmarks and traffic. In fact, one can only see different kinds of colors, or lines with different angles. This map is obviously made for a specific purpose. As it is termed by itself, this map is used for geological purposes.  Geology, or the study of the earth’s physical structure, is an important aspect of science in order to see the history out of a sediment, or determine a threat to a certain location. To better recognize the importance of a geological map , here is a brief basic explanations of it:

The map has four distinct features: the explanation of rock sediments, the cross section view, symbols and the map itself. Every feature is important to get a specific kind of geological information. The map itself is self-explanatory. It is where the information is laid out in one piece. The symbols are the indicators of a rock sediment. The symbols usually are arranged in sequence. The oldest ones are placed at the bottom and the youngest are at the top. This is to easily provide an information of the age without the geologist looking at it at for long.

The cross-sections are used to see the earth at a different angle. When a certain map presents the cross-section of a certain location, it means that it is viewed sideways. Viewing the earth at this point is also important to actually see the thickness of the rock layers. It also determines the pattern of the earth and gauge the age of it. In a more practical sense, this cross-section view also can determine different faults or folds. This means that the geologists can determine if a particular location is in danger of damage when an earthquake or other natural calamities occur.

The explanation of the rock sediments is usually provided on a separate sheet or booklet. It is a textual representation of the earth, with specific descriptions of the rock units. This is an essential information that the geologists need in order to learn how the age of rocks are determined, and what the rock is composed of. The detailed explanation requires too many spaces so it cannot be added to the map itself.

Other information that can be seen in the geological map is the shorelines, borders and many others. These usually are assigned with different colors to easier recognition.  The creation of this map is extensive. Experts spend many years to develop this map and it took more another year to develop it as what we see today. The lines also have different meanings. The dash lines indicate that a bedrock is not located. A fault is also determining with a line. Usually a normal fault line is solid with few marks of vertical lines on it. Other lines are the thrust fault, probable fault, strike-slip fault and many others. All these have a specific indication that can be determined by experts, even by the common people.


Understanding Topical Maps

Everyone knows what a map is. It is used commonly to locate a place, or determine how to go to a certain location. There are different kinds of maps used for a certain purpose. Some may be too technical for a layman to understand, while some are made basically out of general roads and information. One of the highly-technical kinds are the topographical maps . The name itself may sound too complicated but it really is not. Once a person knows the use of it, and how it is read, then everything will be as easy as reading an ordinary kind.

By definition, topographical maps are made to specifically provide an information about the physical features of the planet. This includes all the natural or man-made resources that are made in one paper. The details are so specific that one can actually see different highways and streets even in a small city. That is why this is mostly used for different purposes.

The obvious purpose is that it helps the people figure out where they are and how do they get into a certain place in the fastest way possible. It allows people to have a bird’s eye view of the whole place, with details on  what road to take, what place will serve as a landmark, and all others. The creation of topographic maps entails a lot of work. Experts have to do certain measures to accurately determine a specific information in a certain place.

A distinct mark of topo maps, as what they call it for short, is the contour lines.

The contour lines are defined as a way to connect different points. The contour lines connect at the same elevation and so it creates a two-dimensional result. Since these lines connect at different elevations, it is a helpful indicator of how high or low is a certain place. So, a close connection of lines indicates that a certain place is steep, while broader ones indicate a leveled terrain. This line is also used in the water, and when it is, it is called the bathymetric contours.

Many specialists rely on topo maps for different types of purposes. The hikers can determine information like the thickness of the forest, the towns beneath a certain mountain and other pertinent details. Naturalist can also define the rivers of a certain place, the natural resources and many more. This can also be a way to determine a place to settle ideally. Most people prefer to stay in an elevated place, while some go for residing in gentle slopes. Topographic maps cut down ocular surveys and all other works as it provides specific details of a certain area.

Maps truly are an essential piece of tool to avoid getting lost. The vastness of topographical maps does not only limit to this kind of purpose, since it can provide a lot of information in one search. Nowadays, topo maps are now used online to make the research more convenient. It is only a matter of time before another development of topo maps is introduced to public.

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What You Need To Know About CNC Milling Machines And Safety

While Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology is generally much safer than traditional manufacturing and production technology, it is still very important that workers keep all safety precautions in mind and exercise them with care. Injuries and accidents in the workplace are still possible and must be avoided at all costs. In this article, we will discuss some of the specific precautions that must be taking with working with CNC milling machines. Read on to learn more.

Machines used for CNC milling are very sensitive and sophisticated types of equipment. It is very important that all users understand how to operate these machines properly. As with any other type of manufacturing equipment, safety precautions must be at the forefront of training and everyday operations. Just as with other types of equipment, operators should always use proper protective equipment, such as goggles, hearing protection and gloves as appropriate.

Other important safety equipment includes sturdy, closed-toed boots or shoes. Steel-toed footwear is best. Additionally, CNC milling machine operators must dress with care and avoid any loose clothing or dangling objects such as hair or jewelry. These items can become entangled in machinery resulting in severe injury or death.

It is very important that all workers in the shop understand the basic operations of all equipment. You may only have one or two CNC milling machine operators, but in case of emergency all personnel should at least know how to turn the machines off and understand proper safety procedures. It is a good idea for anyone working around these machines to attend regular safety courses. Often these types of courses are available at local community colleges, vocational schools and so on. If no such option is available, smart and responsible employers go the extra mile to have on-site safety training conducted.

A safe CNC milling machine area should have clear safety posters on display that outline exactly what procedure should be followed in the event of an accident or injury. This should include a clear, labeled diagram of the machine that will help workers locate important parts of the machine quickly. Additionally, first aid procedures and emergency numbers should be posted.

In addition to safety posters, safety rules and guidelines should be clearly on display in the vicinity of the CNC milling machines. Make sure your rules stay legible by having them professionally printed and laminated. When the signs become obsolete or excessively worn, they should be replaced.

Safety conscious employers must maintain the shop and equipment in excellent working order by repairing and replacing damaged and worn equipment promptly. If a machine breaks down and immediate repair cannot be undertaken, the machine must be shut down until it can be repaired. CNC milling machine operators should be provided complete instructions in safe operation of their units. Safety procedures should be checked regularly and updated as needed.

By following all the guidelines set forth by OSHA, providing proper training and enforcing sensible safety rules and precautions, responsible employers can effectively avoid and manage any accidents arising around the operation of a CNC milling machine.



A Brief Look At CNC Machining

Manufacturing has come along way since the dirty old machine shops of the past. With today’s high tech CNC macing capabilities parts that used to be impossible to make can now be made very quickly with accuracy down to ten thousands of an inch. There are quite a few different types of CNC machines and each one has its own specialized capabilities. Lets take a look at some of the commonly seen methods of CNC machining in the article below.

One of the moist common types of CNC machining is the CNC mill. The CNC mill operates in 3 axis’s with the more complex machines using 4 and 5 axis capabilities. A CNC mill has a spindle that holds cutting tools that spin and move across the work piece to produce the desired shape. A CNC mill can perform many different types of machining that include milling, drilling, tapping, boring and many more specialized operations.

The next type of machine that is very common is the CNC lathe. In the CNC lathe the work piece turns and the stationary tool moves past it to machine the shape. Parts made on a CNC lathe are round parts but special machining operations can be done on higher end lathes.

Some of today’s top machines can actually do small milling operations to mill things such as key ways and other operations that used to be secondary operations that were done in a mill like bolt hole circles.

Wire EDM is another type of CNC machine that does not use any type of cutter to do the cutting but instead uses brass wire and electricity. The wire EDM machines are capable of tolerances down to millionths of an inch and micro finishes. Wire EDM machines are widely used in the tool and die trade to produce die and mold components. Some of these components used to take days or even weeks to make but can now be wire EDM cut in a matter of hours. The technology is very amazing and has helped bring down the cost of manufactured goods worldwide.

Aside from these commonly seen CNC machines there are also CNC saws, press brakes, grinders, turret punches and other types of specialized machines.

Each machine has to be programmed so it knows what to do. This is often done with specialized CAM (Computer Aided Machining) software. This software allows very complex parts to be programmed very fast and eliminates many of the complex mathematical calculations that die makers and machinists used to have calculate by hand then tediously machine on manual mills and lathes.

Many people think that CNC macing has reduced the need for skilled workers but nothing could be farther from the truth. All CNC machines need not only skilled operators to run and operate them but also people who know how to program the machines so they make parts in the most efficient manner possible.

CNC machining jobs pay above average for entry level positions to well over six figures a year for a skilled programmer. There is a shortage of skilled people that know how to run and program these machines so if you are looking for an exciting career that has unlimited growth potential you should look into a career in CNC machining!



Where To Buy Electrical Test Tags Online

Electrical test tags are essential for safety reasons. Electrical contractors need to have a good supply of them on hand at all times for all kinds of jobs. Being able to buy electrical test tags online is an easy, affordable way to keep that supply of essential test tags handy. The trick is knowing where to shop for them.

Keeping an electrical work area safe for workers and those who are going to live or work in the area after work has been completed is a priority. Electrical test tags help alert people to where danger is, or to where potential hazards exist. These tags often come in the form of a durable material like plastic. They are designed to be durable so that there is never a risk that their message of caution is likely to be obliterated.
The most current line of electrical test tags is superior to older types in their ability to endure a variety of high-traffic, industrial or residential environments. Older tags are susceptible to crumbling, discoloring and eventually falling off. This leaves a hazardous high-voltage area susceptible, and no one wants that to happen.

Finding the most current variety of tags is easy to do. The key is knowing where to buy electrical test tags online. This allows an electrician or other contracting professional the ability to shop around at any time or place. It allows for time to be taken to compare various makes of electrical test tags, too. This way, the right tags are able to be found for the right job site.

When looking to buy electrical test tags online it is helpful to start with a general search. Then, compare the prices for the test tags. Often, manufactures will offer deals for buying tags in bulk. Some offer free shipping. Taking advantage of offers like this adds to the value of the purchase.

Key features to look for are durability. The electrical test tags need to stand up to anything. They need to be able to be easily marked, and they need to maintain whatever is written on them. Sometimes lower quality electrical test tags fall off cords or crack and peel. Look for the highest quality electrical test tags from several manufacturers and retailers of these items online.

It is helpful to view what other contractors or do-it-yourself fans have to say about any electrical test tags available. Look for the most positive reviews and focus the search for where to buy electrical test tags on just those companies that offer the best in customer satisfaction.

Look for the colors that best suit the project at hand. Alternatively, for those who need a complete supply of tags, be sure to look for an array of colors and sizes. Be sure the style of tag suits the job. Some features to look for are self-lamination and tough construction. Electrical test tags are essential to keeping safety as the top priority, and shopping for them online makes this easy and affordable.



Advantages Of Using The Electrical Labels

Electrical labels are usually pieces of materials made from polymer, plastics, paper and metals, which are glued on various electrical appliances to explain of certain information concerning such products. Some usually explain the power rating of such equipment, safety on using such appliances or explain on the directions of using various types of electrical products. Electrical labels usually offer plenty of benefits to both the manufacturer and the client some of which are given below.

When shopping for electrical appliances a homeowner usually bases their selection on the ones that would be more power efficient. They usually therefore examine to know the power ratings of various types of equipment to ensure they make a wise decision. Labels are usually placed on various appliances to give the required information about their power rating hence making it easier for you to pick the best.

Using various types of electrical equipment can be very complicated hence; a homeowner needs to be guided on the best ways to handle such products. Although the merchant can verbally give you, some directions on using such machines, high chances are that you will forget hence putting you in great risks. If you have labels directing you on how to use your electrical appliance, you usually find it easier and more convenient since you are sure of what to do and how to do it.

In big companies, various electrical machines may develop various faults hence very risky to the personnel around such places. It is also a common thing to find some areas in such companies where people are denied access due to various reasons. Electrical Labels are placed on various locations on an premises to warn workers on various places where there might be dangers.

Labels are placed on electrical appliances to explain about the materials used to design such products. This guides the buyer to identify the best product depending on the durability, as they are always sure of the kind of material their potential products are made of. They also through these labels know the manufacturers of such products hence able to decide on the best product for their needs.

Various types of labels are used in electrical facilities to provide the required information concerning the kind of power such appliances should use whether AC or DC. This ensures high rates of accuracy since none would want to operate their devices with the wrong power source as this can lead to short-circuiting hence contributing to complete failure. This is quite important since not all people can access electricity meaning they may need to use the DC power supply, which is usually easier to access.

Electrical labels are commonly used in plenty of applications to enable clients and sellers know of various basic things that may help them know how products work and their manufacturers. This ensures high standards of accuracy in selection since you always have the required information ready provided in a piece of writing. With the above given uses of labels, customers find it easier to select various products.



Cubicles Vs Open Plan Offices

There are advantages and disadvantages to any office layout. Whether you’re building a new office, moving, or just feel like a change, deciding which one to go with may seem hard. Below are some aspects of office space, comparing each of these layouts. Hopefully this will make your decision that little bit easier.


An open plan office is by far the cheaper option. It requires less heating/cooling, less cleaning and less overall maintenance. Cubicles do cost more to set up but do not fall too far behind on upkeep


When it comes to being able to rearrange an office space, having an open plan office is better. By its very nature this layout can be moved around  without the limitations of added walls and doors. Cubicles are more for companies that are sure of their layout and won’t be changing for a while.

Amount of Staff

When you think of fitting lots of staff into an area, you generally think of cubicles. But in fact, it is actually the open plan layout the allows more people to fit in a room. However, this does mean that there is far reduced privacy, personal space and comfort levels, so in the end cubicles are the best in this category.


An open plan office allows far easier communication between staff and generally boosts morale and team spirit. Without the enclosed areas of cubicles employees can easily (and are far more likely to) brainstorm and work together. Communication is far easier in this layout, however that may not always be a benefit, especially with sensitive or personal information. Consider adding a small seating area away from the main working area, where more private conversations can take place.


While the open plan office may allow better communication, this can also become a problem when there is so much communication that it is more noise than work. In the end, a workplace is somewhere where work needs to be done. If chatting is a serious problem than cubicles will help to at least hinder this. However, if your company benefits from this louder atmosphere, then open plan should certainly be a better option. Just ensure there is still some segmentation around to allow for meetings and break areas.

One thing that should be taken into consideration with the open plan style is that not only will noise travel easier, but so will colds and illnesses. If you do choose this style, you may want to keep on top of hygiene.


Privacy is of course a major issue in this comparison. Open plan offices allow little to no privacy to staff, which may be fine for some but very unnerving to others. Open plan generally works better for people that know each other well. If it is a larger workforce allow staff to choose their desks or where they are situated, as this will allow some people a bit more privacy that they may want.

If your workplace is one where sensitive or private information is often discussed, certainly opt for the cubicle style, or even closed offices.

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