What You Need To Know About CNC Milling Machines And Safety

29 Jul

While Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology is generally much safer than traditional manufacturing and production technology, it is still very important that workers keep all safety precautions in mind and exercise them with care. Injuries and accidents in the workplace are still possible and must be avoided at all costs. In this article, we will discuss some of the specific precautions that must be taking with working with CNC milling machines. Read on to learn more.

Machines used for CNC milling are very sensitive and sophisticated types of equipment. It is very important that all users understand how to operate these machines properly. As with any other type of manufacturing equipment, safety precautions must be at the forefront of training and everyday operations. Just as with other types of equipment, operators should always use proper protective equipment, such as goggles, hearing protection and gloves as appropriate.

Other important safety equipment includes sturdy, closed-toed boots or shoes. Steel-toed footwear is best. Additionally, CNC milling machine operators must dress with care and avoid any loose clothing or dangling objects such as hair or jewelry. These items can become entangled in machinery resulting in severe injury or death.

It is very important that all workers in the shop understand the basic operations of all equipment. You may only have one or two CNC milling machine operators, but in case of emergency all personnel should at least know how to turn the machines off and understand proper safety procedures. It is a good idea for anyone working around these machines to attend regular safety courses. Often these types of courses are available at local community colleges, vocational schools and so on. If no such option is available, smart and responsible employers go the extra mile to have on-site safety training conducted.

A safe CNC milling machine area should have clear safety posters on display that outline exactly what procedure should be followed in the event of an accident or injury. This should include a clear, labeled diagram of the machine that will help workers locate important parts of the machine quickly. Additionally, first aid procedures and emergency numbers should be posted.

In addition to safety posters, safety rules and guidelines should be clearly on display in the vicinity of the CNC milling machines. Make sure your rules stay legible by having them professionally printed and laminated. When the signs become obsolete or excessively worn, they should be replaced.

Safety conscious employers must maintain the shop and equipment in excellent working order by repairing and replacing damaged and worn equipment promptly. If a machine breaks down and immediate repair cannot be undertaken, the machine must be shut down until it can be repaired. CNC milling machine operators should be provided complete instructions in safe operation of their units. Safety procedures should be checked regularly and updated as needed.

By following all the guidelines set forth by OSHA, providing proper training and enforcing sensible safety rules and precautions, responsible employers can effectively avoid and manage any accidents arising around the operation of a CNC milling machine.



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