Use Staff Development To Increase Productivity And Profitability

19 Jun

increase productivity and profitability

Business demands that the professionals engaged in it have the required level of competency. Learning is a lifelong process, and is one of the key requirements for any continued success. Staff development is the process that allows people within an organization to acquire the necessary knowledge that will enable them to use their existing skills more effectively, while also learning new ones.

A staff development process can be considered effective if it maximizes the potential of staff members so that they become more efficient and productive. This can automatically help to increase bottom lines and make for good returns on the investment made in the staff development training process. Such training programs will also create value for the staff, boost their confidence level, and help to encourage them to give of their best when they perform the tasks allotted to them.

Staff development can be achieved through training sessions that can be within the organization, or by appointing external trainers. Internal training takes advantage of seniors and experienced persons within the organization to give of their knowledge and skills, so that it leads to increased efficiencies. A major advantage with internal trainers is that they are very close to the problems that need to be solved, have already developed mentoring skills with the persons they are training, and will deal with problems as they pertain to the organization.

External trainers bring in different perspectives, and are generally people who have experience in that particular industry. They are experts in their field and may have insights and experiences, that can be of use, when passed on to the persons they are training.

Training for staff development requires a number of areas to be touched on.

They are:

  • Communication skills
  • IT skills
  • Customer service
  • Ethics
  • Human relations
  • Quality management
  • Safety
  • Diversity

All these areas are constantly developing and changing, so any staff development has to be a continuous process that keeps staff updated with the latest techniques and skills in each of these areas.

Staff development has a number of benefits which the organization will have the advantage of, once such training becomes a regular feature. You are bound to find that morale among staff is better and people have more job satisfaction. Employees become better motivated, more efficient and are easily able to or are keen to look at newer ways of doing things. This leads to innovations, increased safety and above all an increase in productivity . Employee turnover is likely to reduce and customer satisfaction increase. All these things can have a big impact on profitability.


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