Why it is Important to Have a Good Work Life Balance and Tips to Foster One?

23 Feb

work-life-balanceDid you know that, you are at a high risk of developing heart related problems if you spend more than 3 to 4 hours of overtime every day at work? It is important to maintain a good work-life balance. Maintaining this is part of remaining healthy and stress free. This balance can help you to deal with major lifestyle problems like stress, anxiety, depression and even heart attack.

Do you have a hard time maintaining a proper work life balance? Well, there is a way you can always know if at some point you are putting too much energy on your work and neglecting other important areas of your life. You are having a poor work life balance if:

  • You are always working overtime.
  • You have started experiencing health issues due to overworking.
  • Your relationships are suffering due to spending too much time working.
  • You always want to go to work even if you are feeling sick.

Well, the good thing is, even if you realize that you have a problem maintaining a proper work life balance, something can be done to turn this around. Read the following tips on how to balance your work life and personal life.

  • Always set aside some time on weekends to spend time with your family. When you bond with your family and friends, they help you to recharge. Go for a movie or lunch date with the people you love and have some fun. You will have enough energy to embark on work the following day and become very productive.
  • Do not linger on negative things and people who will not add any value to your personal and career life. In order to maintain a good work life balance, you must focus on the things which will only drive positive energy in your life. Good relationships are built on positive thinking and not mere gossip and complaining.
  • You should also focus on those tasks which you enjoy doing. Do not concentrate on things which will simply drain out energy away from you. A good example is household chores. If you do not enjoy doing them then why should you spend so much time working on things which will just frustrate you especially if you can still afford to hire someone to do it on your behalf? Spare your energy for practical things which you enjoy to do if you want to maintain a good work life balance. This could be gardening or babysitting.
  • Do simple exercises to keep you reenergized at all times. This could be walking, running or even working out. Squeeze some of these exercise regimes into your busy schedule and you will be surprised at the role they play in making you a better person.

In summary, why should you set impractical goals for yourself yet you can make small changes which work perfectly to improve your work life balance? Start simple by leaving work early for at least a week then participating in only things you enjoy. Life has so much to offer and concentrating on one thing means you are losing out on many others.


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